Heavy Duty Aluminum Wash Busch Trigger Spray 16 oz.


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Aluminum Wash is an acid-based cleaner for uncoated aluminum surfaces, such as polished Alloy Wheels. For oxidized uncoated aluminum wheels, fuel tanks, trailers and trim. Restores luster by removing light to moderate oxidation and grime without scrubbing. Use before polishing to reduce time and effort.
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For severely oxidized uncoated aluminum wheels, fuel tanks, aluminum radiators, trailers and trim. Also cleans roughcast surfaces such as intake manifolds and "turbo" style wheels. Use before polishing to reduce time and effort.


  • Removes oxidation, brake dust, and grime
  • Clean surface quicken polishing process-shine comes up much faster with oxidation removed
  • Removes water spots
  • Leaves uniform surface finish-"clean luster"
  • Excellent on mill finish and diamond plate non-polished surface or use on highly polished surfaces even clear coated wheels

Easy to Use:

  1. Make sure wheel or surface is at temperatures between 70-80F.
  2. When wheel is mounted on vehicle, start spraying from bottom to top to avoid product running down wheel and possibly streaking the surface.
  3. Typically scrubbing is not required, but for stubborn brake dust and grime stains scrubbing may be needed
  4. Rinse with water approximately 2 minutes after being applied. Rinse thoroughly to avoid streaking.

Dilute with water at 50/50 ratio for milder cleaning action on highly polished surfaces or clear coated wheels.