The new standard in aluminum wheels.

As a leader in wheel technology, Accuride Wheel End SoLutions has once again set the standard for aluminum wheels expanding our Accu-Ute. family of wheels to include four Lightweight aluminum wheels.



Accu-Lite Specs


Weight Savings



Accuride Wheel End Solutions offers a standard polish finish for all aluminum wheels and premium polish and surface trea tment options when only the best will do.

Finish OptionsCode

Accu-Lite Finish with Codes

Transition Guide

Your Current Wheel Accu-Lite Wheel
29644ANP 41644SP
29644AIP, AOP, ABP 41644XP
29644AIPC. AOPC. ABPC 41644XPC
29660ANP 41660SP
2966OAOP 41660XP
2966OAOPC 41660XPC
410016ANP 41016SP
410016AOP 41016XP
410016AOPC 41016XPC
29362ANP 41362SP
2936OAIP, AOP, ABP 41362XPC
29362A1PC. AOPC. ABPC 41362XPC