Accu-Shield® Aluminum Wheels

Low Maintenance, Easy Cleaning Finish

The exclusive Accu-Shield® treatment is designed so that our Accuride aluminum wheels can keep their bright, shiny appearance even ender the rigorous conditions of the trucking industry. Accu-Shield aluminum wheels clean quickly and easily with only mild soap and water or standard non-abrasive household cleaners, saving time and money on polishing and maintenance.

The Accu-Shield treatment can be specified to enhance the XP, ANP, AOP, AIP, and ABP polishes. Cannot be combined with the Accu-Armor surface treatment.


  • ACCU-SHIELD® wheels have a noticeable bright, clear appearance.
  • ACCU-SHIELD wheels are easy to clean - just use mild soap and water.
  • ACCU-SHIELD wheels have a decal on both sides of the wheel identifying them.
  • Save time and money with ACCU-SHIELD wheels, aluminum polishes are unnecessary.
  • ACCU-SHIELD wheels should not be cleaned with harsh abrasives. Wheels should be cleaned with mild soap and water only. Refer to Accuride Technical Bulletin 2.0037 for further details on cleaning and maintenance.
  • To protect the finish of ACCU-SHIELD wheels, Accuride highly recommends the use of Wheel-Guard® separator plates.

Additional Information

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