Alcoa Dura-Bright® EVO

Over the past 18months, Alcoa has carried numbers of ground-breaking innovations that reinforce their leadership and proved that innovation is truly in their DNA. Every product they presented to the marketplace is an evolution of an expert and skilled technology. They produced innovations based on customer’s needs that advance their benefits, and send products that help drive modernization and proficiency.

It’s been for over 65 years since they invented and developed aluminum wheels. In 2013, Magna force Alloy was invented. It marked the first new wheel alloy launched in 45 years in the industry. It is promised to change the future for aluminum truck wheels. Magna force provides an extra 17% percent strength over existing 6061 alloys and allows the Alcoa to develop an even lighter weight range. But since light wheels are continued to be on demand, they didn’t stop there and instead continue to enterprise and offer even better light wheels in the industry.

LvL ONE Wheel Technology Utilizes a proprietary level one wheel manufacturing process coupled with proven 6061 alloy. Alcoa 14” wide base wheels are now 54 lbs., the lightest in the industry. And the 22 .5x9” wheels are now either 51 or 59 Lbs. depending on the fitment, again also the lightest in the industry. These 9 inch wheels became 3 lbs. lighter than their previous description and the lightest in their class switching from a comparable steel wheel to an Alcoa 9inch aluminum wheel to save more than 50 lbs. and improve fuel efficiency without sacrificing strength and durability. With the class leading load rating of 10 thousand pounds these heavy load wheels are ideal for refuel collections, logging, mining, and other heavy haul applications. Simply switching from a dual 22.5 wheel and tire to an Alcoa 14 inch wide base wheel and tire can reduce the weight of an 18 wheel up to 1400 lbs. Alcoa 14 inch wheels and 9 inch wheels continue and trying to provide the lightest wheels in the industry to each and every fitment and section.

The most state of the art aluminum wheel to ever hit the market is the Ultra ONE Wheel with Magna Force Alloy. At 40 lbs., it is the lightest and the strongest aluminum wheel in its size. It highly maintains its identical features and benefits of its existing wheels but came lighter and stronger. It saves nearly 100 lbs. per rig.

Since 2001, Alcoa has worked to ease with the proprietary easy to clean aluminum wheel that are also bright. And now, they offer a revolutionary break-through in the field of Dura-Bright technology. Unveiled at the Mid-America Trucking show, last March 26, 2015 in Louisville, Kentucky, Alcoa Dura-Bright EVO Wheels, is the most durable, easy to maintain commercial truck wheel to hit the north American market, The Alcoa’s 3rd generation Dura-Bright EVO wheel maintains all the benefits of predecessor. The Dura-Bright wheel with XBR Technology while taking the wheels performance into a whole new level. Surface energy is reduced to lower the ability of dirt to stick. It is 10 times more resistant to corrosion caused by road salts and weather elements. And 3 times more resistant to harsh chemicals. It will not peel, crack, chip or corrode like conventional coatings do. This enables the use of a wider variety of cleaning solutions to simplify maintenance while preserving and maintaining the brightness of the wheel.


Beside easier and faster maintenance, there are additional advantages you’ve come to expect from Alcoa forged aluminum wheels such as less weight for increased payload, great fuel efficiency; cool running extends tire and brake life, unrivalled forged strength, extended tyre and brake life through improved heat dissipation, environmentally friendly, and with 5 year warranty.

Dura-Bright treatment is available on most Alcoa wheel sizes. It is not a coating but a surface treatment that penetrates the aluminum and becomes a vital part of the wheel. With the simple use of soap and water, brightness and shine will stay even after hundreds of washes and do not need polishing. Wheels stay cleaner for longer and washes less effort that is also good for the environment, allowing drivers to spend less time in cleaning and more time earning. Available in Key LvL ONE 22.5” and 24.5” part numbers at launch and will extend to the entire North American Product Portfolio starting January 1 of 2016 from Class 3 through 8.