Alcoa Finish Options

What are the Alcoa Finish Options for Truck Wheels?

Alcoa offers different finish options to meet the various applications and needs of its customers. The three main options are LvL ONE, Mirror Finish, & Dura-Bright. These options are available on most Alcoa Aluminum Wheels.

Alcoa offers three different finishes, LvL ONE finish or a clean buff is the base finish they offer. Most of the time this finish is performed on both sides of the wheel, unless it’s a wheel that is only specifically going to be used within one direction, but this is a dual wheel, so it would be on both sides. They offer a mirror finish option, then they offer what they call Dura-Bright, which has a protective finish that you just very easily clean and maintain.

LvL ONE vs. Mirror Finish

Alcoa’s base polish wheel is the LvL ONE wheel. It is polished once on both sides as it leaves the manufactures precision machining process. This is a quality shine that on dual applications can be used in both a steer or drive / trailer application. The second level option that Alcoa offers is the mirror finish. This is the highest “shine” that Alcoa offers in their selections of finishes. This is polished multiple times but is only polished on one side or the other, unlike the LvL ONE dual wheels. Although both polish options “shine” is similar from a distance of around 10 ft. away, the differences are slightly noticeable from a shorter distance. Up close, the LvL ONE, has some very small machine ridges that are not visible in the mirror finish.

Mirror Finish vs. Dura-Bright

The Mirror Finish and the Dura-Bright wheels are polished to the exact same specifications. The difference is the Dura-Bright goes through an additional step that helps protect the wheel. This process changes the surface properties that allows for easier maintenance and durability. Although the name Dura-Bright lends to the wheel with the highest level of shine, it is actually referring to the wheel’s durability. Be aware the process does have a tendency to darken and dull the wheels slightly more than the mirror finish. A mirror finish wheel, depending on the conditions that the vehicle is being used, may have to be repolished every few years to get it back the original high shine. The Dura-Bright protective finish keeps the elements from getting to the metal and can be cleaned with a light soap and water and it will stay this shine with little effort.

What polish are my Alcoa Wheels?

If you’re trying to determine what wheel you have, if you’re looking for a replacement the way that you can do that is on the Alcoa wheels they are all going to have a sticker. A full polish wheel generally will just have a blue sticker. As will the LvL ONE, however the LvL ONE will actually say LvL ONE on it. Now the mirror finish or high polish is going to cost a little more, so that is going to be your decision. As a buyer to determine if the LvL ONE finish, which is very nice is going to work out for you, or if you want to step up and go with the full mirror finish.

When replacing a wheel, the part number will be the best way to see which finish option the wheel is. Alcoa’s numbering system is a 6 digit number and the last digit determines the finish of the wheel. If the wheel ends in a 7 the wheel is a LvL ONE polish. Most of the matte and machine finishes have been discontinued and those numbers will end in 0 (zero). The wheels ending in 1 or 2 are the mirror polish finish options. Font or Steer applications end in the number 1. Rear or Drive Applications and Trailer wheels will end in a 2. Other finish options are not polishes but treatments on a polish option so those will end in the same digits but will have a designation after, such as DB for Dura-Bright or DF for Dura-Flange. A quick way of determining the Alcoa wheel is the sticker applied. Both the Alcoa LvL ONE and the Alcoa Mirror have a blue sticker. The LvL ONE reads LvL ONE on the sticker and Mirror High Polish does not denote any other text. Alcoa’s Dura-Bright Wheels have a black sticker and state Dura-Bright on the sticker. There are multiple generations of Dura-Bright and will be stated on the sticker. Aloca’s first generation Dura-Bright’s were just that, Dura-Bright’s. Alcoa’s second generation is their XBR Technology and is denoted on the Sticker. If the sticker reads EVO, the wheels are Alcoa’s 3rd generation and newest technology.


In conclusion there are three main finishes Alcoa offers. First is their base polish, which is their LvL ONE and the next step up is their Mirror Finish. Finally their top of the line product is their Dura-Bright, with their Mirror Polish and protective coating. Looking to find the application that works for you? Feel free to watch the video at the top of the screen, or give us a call at 800-830-4547 or email us at