LvL ONE® Wheels

Lighter, Brighter, Stronger.

Alcoa’s LvL ONE® wheel technology has taken the commercial vehicle world by storm by providing enhanced strength, eye-catching brightness, cooler running temperatures and convenient flexibility all from the lightest wheel on the market.

It’s no secret that the lighter the truck and trailer, the more cargo it can legally carry. And LvL ONE® wheels deliver. Converting eighteen 22.5” wheels from steel to Alcoa LvL ONE® aluminum wheels saves over 600 pounds. Moving from steel single to 14” LvL ONE® aluminum wide base wheels saves 1,350 pounds. That weight can then be added to your cargo capacity. More freight, better efficiency and less trips.

In addition, Alcoa LvL ONE® wheels provide that eye-catching, Bright Polish appearance that is six times brighter than the competitive aluminum wheel in its class. And all Bright Polish wheels by Alcoa are polished on the outset and inset surface. Available for most applications, LvL ONE® technology provides all of the value and performance you’ve come to expect from Alcoa.