Mounting and Balancing Wheel & Tire Assemblies

All our wheel and tire packages come mounted and balanced. We use the most advanced equipment to ensure your wheel and tire kits come to you perfect and ready to use that same day. Don’t put yourself though the stress of lugging your wheels all over town while your tires are banging around in the bed of your truck. Our kits arrive to your door ready to go, all you need is the jack up your truck, take your old wheels and tires off, mount up your new wheel and tire assemblies to your truck, torque down your lug nuts, and adjust your tire pressure to your desired PSI, and you are off to the races.

Tire Mounting

We want to make sure what you are seeing on your screen is what is delivered. So we don’t have a guy out back cranking on your investment with a rusted out tire iron, trying to get that bead up over the lip of your wheel. We use and automated heavy duty touchless tire mounter to prevent any scuffs, scrapes, or scratches of your wheels.

Balancing Options

We offer multiple ways to balance your wheels and tires for free! If you, like many OTR truckers do, want us to use balancing beads to constantly find the low spots on your tires as they wear over time, we can do that for you. Just be aware that it typically takes about 50 miles of driving in excess of 55 mph to get the bags that contain the beads to break up completely. We also can provide weights to your wheels as another option. We apply the weights using state of the art wheel balancers with laser vision for precise placement of the weights and force match to properly align the wheel and tire assembly. In this system of balancing, wheel weights are added to the deep side of the wheel. This ensures your wheels and tires always stay accurately balanced. Keep in mind these wheel weights will be visible on the outer dual wheel. Both options are available but must be requested at the time of purchase.

Standard Balancing

Our regular practice of balancing your aluminum wheel and tire kits is utilizing both systems jointly. The front steer wheels are balanced using weights to certify precise balancing on the most crucial assemblies to promise a smooth ride. We also provide wheel weights on the inner steel rims due to the increased weight of this assembly. We then balance the outer dual with the balancing beads. This will provide proper balancing without the unsightly weights affixed to your new polished aluminum wheels. If you are purchasing an all-steel kit, we will balance with weights on all wheels, unless requested otherwise.