Direct Bolt-On 22.5" Wheels Now Exist!

There are now 22.5 wheels that can be mounted on your medium duty truck without adapters or lifting your axle.

Alcoa just released a new set of wheels for Chevy; while AWM dropped a set for Ford and Ram. All of them are Direct Bolt On, fully forged aluminum, and need no extra equipment. Simply take off your wheels, pump the jack a few more times, and put your new wheels on.

With 22.5 wheels you’ll have a dock-height chassis that will easily mount up to any warehouse dock without a leveler.

22.5s are commercial wheels and have a heavy-duty load rating with an H Load Range (16-Ply).

They’re a bit taller than your stock 19.5’s wheel height which allows you to run in a lower RPM at higher gears. This lower RPM gives your engine a longer life. Under high RPM conditions, your engine, transmission, and pistons endure more stress than usual.

Along with better engine life, lower RPMs at higher gears result in better miles per gallon if you’re mostly highway driving.

There is now a Direct Bolt On option for your:

All of these are available at

Check out Alcoa and AWM's new tire and wheel packages on these Direct Bolt ON 22.5s.

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